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As much as we try to keep our homes and businesses secure, lock-related emergencies can still happen. From losing keys to break-ins, these situations can be incredibly stressful, especially at inconvenient times. Luckily, Key & Current Solutions is here to provide fast, reliable, and affordable locksmith services across Silsoe. With years of experience in the industry, our Silsoe team of experts is equipped to handle any locksmith emergency, big or small.

Who We Are

Key & Current Solutions comprises a team of experienced locksmith professionals based in Silsoe committed to providing the highest quality services to customers and their businesses.

Our Locksmith Services In Silsoe

  • Emergency Lockout Assistance: Getting locked out of your home or business can be a frustrating and stressful experience, especially if it happens outside of regular business hours. Key & Current Solutions offers 24/7 emergency lockout assistance, so you can count on us to help you get back into your property quickly and safely.
  • Lock Repair and Installation: Whether you need a new lock installed or an existing lock repaired, our team of experts is here to help. We have experience working with many lock types and brands, so you can trust us to provide fast and effective solutions to your lock-related issues.
  • Key Duplication: If you need an extra set of keys for your home or business, Key & Current Solutions can provide fast and accurate key duplication services. We use the latest key-cutting technology to ensure that your new keys match your original set.
  • Security System Installation: At Key & Current Solutions, we understand the importance of securing your Silsoe home or business. That's why we offer various security system installation services, including CCTV installation, access control systems, and alarm installation.

Why Choose Key & Current Solutions

Fast Response Times

You don't have time to waste when dealing with a lock-related emergency. That's why we pride ourselves on our fast response times. Our team of experts will be at your location quickly to help you resolve your lock-related issue.

Affordable Prices

We believe that everyone deserves access to reliable and affordable locksmith services. So, we have competitive prices on all services. This allows you to get the assistance you require without spending a lot.

Experienced Professionals

At Key & Current Solutions, we only hire experienced locksmith professionals with a proven track record of providing top-notch services. You can trust our Silsoe team to handle lock-related issues with the utmost care and professionalism.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest satisfaction possible. If you are unsatisfied with our services, we will work with you to make it right.

Cost Of Hiring A Locksmith Outside Regular Working Hours

Locksmiths are trained professionals offering various services to keep your home secure. They can install new locks and deadbolts, rekey existing ones, and open locked safes. The cost of hiring a locksmith depends on the job you need to be done. For instance, rekeying an old lock may be less expensive than replacing it with a new one.

When planning the cost of a locksmith, you must also consider how long they need to complete the job. For instance, if you require lock changes, they must take time out of their day, potentially increasing the overall expense. Be sure to inquire from your locksmith about their labour rate, whether this includes parts and if there is a call-out fee. Knowing all this information will enable you to determine if the price quoted is accurate.

How Can A Locksmith Make My Silsoe Home Less Of A Target For Burglars?

As a homeowner, your top priority is protecting your family and valuable possessions. Unfortunately, burglaries happen more frequently than you might think. There were 356,017 reported burglary cases in the United Kingdom alone in 2020. With these staggering statistics, making your home less of a target for burglars is important. One of the best ways to do this is by working with a locksmith. We explore how a Silsoe locksmith can help you improve your home's security and reduce the likelihood of a burglary.

  1. Assess your Silsoe Home's Security

The first thing a locksmith will do is assess your home's security. They will inspect your doors, windows, locks, and other potential entry points to identify weak spots. This is a crucial step because it helps identify the areas of your home most vulnerable to a break-in. Once they have identified these weak spots, they can make recommendations on how to improve your home's security.

  1. Install High-Quality Locks

One of the easiest ways to deter burglars is by installing high-quality locks. A locksmith can recommend and install a variety of locks, including deadbolts, smart locks, and mortise locks. Deadbolts are a great option because they are difficult to pick or force open. On the other hand, smart locks can be controlled remotely and provide you with real-time notifications if someone tries to enter your home. Mortise locks offer superior security because they are embedded within the door and cannot be easily tampered with.

  1. Upgrade Your Doors

If your doors are old or flimsy, they can be easily kicked in by a determined burglar. A Silsoe locksmith can help you upgrade your doors to more secure options. For example, they may recommend installing solid wood or metal doors that are more difficult to break down. They can also install door frames with reinforced metal plates that will make it much harder to kick in your door.

  1. Install A Home Security System.

It is an excellent way to protect your family from burglary attempts and can be activated to notify you of any attempt at entry. A locksmith can help you install various security systems, including alarms, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras.

  1. Rekey Your Locks

It is a smart idea to have your locks reset if you recently moved in or lost your keys. This involves changing the pins inside your locks so that only a new key will work. This is an important step because it prevents anyone who may have had access to your old keys from entering your Silsoe home.

  1. Provide emergency services

A locksmith can provide immediate assistance if you are ever locked out. Our Silsoe locksmiths can repair or replace any damaged locks and doors and fix any other damage caused by an intruder.

Why You Should Equip Your Home With British Standard Locks

As a homeowner, installing high-grade locks on your home is essential. Not only are they necessary for security purposes, but many insurance policies require them too. British Standard Locks have been tested to meet BS3621 requirements for burglary resistance and theft prevention. They've been resistant to standard break-in techniques like lock picking and drilling.


If you want to ensure your home is secure, installing high-grade locks that meet British Standard Institute security standards. These products have been certified with a kite mark for added assurance. BS3621 - This standard for cylinder locks is the most widely used. It's often specified for wooden doors in private homes and some uPVC or composite door designs.

Installing a key lock on all doors ensures that only authorised personnel can open them. This protects from intruders who might attempt to breach through letterboxes or break nearby glass and provides peace of mind for its occupants. BS8621 - This British Standard lock is commonly found in flats and apartments. It requires a key from the outside but has a thumb turn on the inside that overrides it in case of emergency.


For optimal security, opt for locks with heavier metals that can withstand repeated attacks better than lighter materials. High-grade locks are more resistant to drilling - typically featuring anti-drill plates or hardened steel ball bearings that prevent a burglar from penetrating the lock.

These features indicate that the lock has been made with high-quality components. It's essential that the producer doesn't cut corners on production costs to keep prices low. Insurers often recommend British Standard locks for extra protection against break-ins and can save you money on your insurance policy.


If you need extra security or want to keep your home safe, high-grade locks are an excellent choice. They meet British Standards, so you can rest assured knowing your house is adequately secured. The British Standard Institution (BSI) tests and certifies all new locks, inspecting them for quality, safety and dependability. When a lock meets these criteria, it displays a kitemark on its front.

You can verify if a lock meets British Standards by looking for its number and date stamp on the face. Insurance providers sometimes require all door locks to meet BS3621 standards, making this an essential element in verifying the security of your home. BS3621 is the most common standard for thief-resistant locks, typically found on mortice and cylinder locks requiring a key to open inside and outside. Night latches and deadlocks may also meet this standard.


Spend less money by equipping your home with high-grade locks certified to British Standards. This certification proves that a product has undergone laboratory tests and meets BSI criteria. You should be able to identify if your lock meets British Standards by looking for the BS3621 kite mark on it. This logo can be found stamped on the front of the lock near the keyhole and its packaging.

BS3621 is the most common standard for domestic locks, typically specifying mortice and rim cylinders with keys on both sides. It has been laboratory-tested against various burglary techniques and typically meets or exceeds insurance policies' minimum security requirements.

Contact Us Today

If you need fast and reliable locksmith services, don't hesitate to contact Key & Current Solutions. Our team of experts is standing by 24/7 to help you with any lock-related emergency.


Q: Do you offer 24/7 emergency services?

A: Yes, we offer 24/7 emergency lockout assistance to help you get back into your property quickly and safely.


Q: How quickly can you respond to a lock-related emergency?

A: We pride ourselves on our fast response times and will be at your location as quickly as possible to help you resolve your lock-related issue.


Q: Do you offer security system installation services?

A: Yes, we offer various security system installation services, including CCTV installation, access control systems, and alarm installation.


Q: Do you offer key duplication services?

A: Yes, we offer fast and accurate key duplication services using the latest key-cutting technology.


Q: How much do your services cost?

A: We offer competitive pricing on all of our services. Contact us today to request a quote.

In conclusion, Key & Current Solutions is your go-to locksmith expert for lock-related emergencies. With our experienced professionals, fast response times, and affordable pricing, you can trust us to provide top-notch services to secure your Silsoe home or business.

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